ChatGPT prompt generator

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Supported MCreator versions
EAP 2023.2.20712
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Java plugin
About the plugin

The ChatGPT plugin is a java plugin that allows you to generate code in the MCreator code editor using GPT 3.5 turbo.

To use it, you need to set your API key in the workspace selector, then make a custom code element. Your API key will not work if all of your free 18$ of usage has expired or has been used up, in that case, you'll need to pay to use it.

Requires the latest MCreator snapshot to use.

MIT License
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[2023.2 SNAPSHOT ONLY] ChatGPT plugin 1.04.48 MB 4.48 MB


Hey, nerdy. I have a question. I have been working on a mod recently that needs global variables. I need it to be a map variable, but the only type of global variable I can choose is global session. I saw that there were some versions that arn't compatible with map variables, but I have tried 2 versions already and havent found one that is compatible. Do you know of a version that can do map variables or a way to make one compatible? Thanks.

retrofit2.adapter.rxjava2.HttpException: HTTP 401 when I prompt ChatGPT.
Any fix?

well now im getting java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "com.theokanning.openai.OpenAiService.createChatCompletion(" because "net.nerdypuzzle.chatgpt.Launcher.GPT_INSTANCE" is null