Feature request queue

Requested features

  • Inventories in items
  • Add blocks to mob drop element list
  • Binding slot GUI to the item
  • Custom world types
  • Multiple biome spawning options for mobs
  • UV texture support for OBJ models
  • Locking mods to GUI or code editing mode only if user selects so
  • Events on fluids

Reported but unresolved bugs

  • Output slots don't work
  • Input slots still contain invisible item after removing it
  • Custom OBJ models don't rotate in the player's direction
  • UI on high DPI computersĀ and computers with OSX is cropped in some cases

MCreator 2.x.x

This is a placeholder for ideas and roadmap for the next generation of MCreator.

Bug reports and feature requests

If you would like to report a bug, make sure it's not already listed here. We will try to fix any bug as soon as possible. If you have an idea for a feature in MCreator that doesn't exist yet, don't hesitateĀ to contact us and we might consider implementing it. You can also make a new forum topic in the "Feature requests and ideas for MCreator" section of our forum.