Third-Party licenses

This page only applies to MCreator versions below (including) 1.8.3. Later versions include all licenses and explanations bundled with the application download.

MCreator uses some third-party toolkits, libraries, and APIs in order to operate. You can find their licenses in the installation directory of MCreator or in its subfolders.

  • Java: license is located in jdk32 or jdk64 directory for 64-bit systems on Windows, JRE license is located in jdk32/jre or jdk64/jre
  • Minecraft Forge: you can find its license and other legal files in forge subdirectory after the setup is complete
  • Minecraft: you can read their terms of use here
  • Libraries: you can find licensed of libraries in lib directory of MCreator or in the license folder on newer installations
  • MCSkin3D, Cubik, Blender: you can find their licenses in their directories which are located inside external directory
  • Other files: if the file is licensed, there is a license next to it in the same directory or in the license folder on newer installations







By using MCreator, you agree to our Terms of use (our license) and with all these Third-Party licenses. Make sure to read LICENSE.txt, which is bundled with each MCreator download as you agree with this license by using MCreator developed by Pylo.