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So the title sums it all up pretty well. I'm making mods specifically for 1.12.2, if that helps.

Any time I export a mod into a .jar form, it doesn't work when I put it into the mods folder. Let me expand on that: I fire up the game in forge, with the mod in the mods folder and.... Nothing.

Now, this isn't something that happens every time. With a previous version of the mod that I no longer have, I got the game to fire up, but it wouldn't even make it to the Mojang logo. All I was presented with would be a black screen where nothing happens. If I click the window, it wouldn't respond and eventually crash, leaving no crash report. 

Now with the modern version I've made and can present, I can put it in the mods folder, but when I fire up the game, it acts like it's going to start, but no window opens, though the process does run in the background.

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But are you able to test the mod inside MCreator? Does the test Minecraft client environment start?

Duck, please open a new ticket, paste the error log and attach the workspace to the issue itself. And before opening a ticket, search for similar tickets to not post duplicates.