Mob can not drop blocks

Published by Hakann on Sat, 02/24/2018 - 14:03
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Issue description

Mob can not drop blocks (not all)! If you select item to mob's drop it is works. If you select block (VINE and NETHER_WART) to mob's drop it is not works. This bug in MCreator not in forge.

P.s. I don't use event (when mob died)

Issue comments

I have used dirt for a drop and it worked. Could you attach your workspace so I can import it and see what causes the problem you described?

I can confirm this, but it seems that this is a Minecraft Forge level bug as all other blocks seem to work. I can't help to fix this as this is not a bug on our side. I will keep you posted if the Minecraft Forge fixes this, but for now, I am closing this ticket as there is not much we can do at our side.

  protected void dropRareDrop(int par1) {
   this.dropItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.NETHER_WART).getItem(), 1); Doesn't work! (no errors)


  protected Item getDropItem() {
   return new ItemStack(Blocks.NETHER_WART).getItem(); Doesn't work! (no errors)


I have checked and it worked for me on exported Minecraft. This is a Forge bug but not important in exported mods it works.

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