Code Editor turns tabs to spaces

Published by Roadhog360 on Sat, 02/24/2018 - 17:24
Works as designed
Issue description

I keep trying to add code for a biome-specific ore generation code I found on a forum, but any time I try to insert it, my tabs are converted to spaces, and thus it makes the code impossible to compile unless I remove it.
If I press tab or even copy a tab symbol into the code editor, it is changed to 4 spaces.

Issue comments

On a side note, tabs do work on other applications.

This is a coding standard to indent with 4 spaces. We might make this configurable in the future. Java doesn't care about the indention so you can use spaces, tabs or nothing and the code will still compile. The code doesn't compile for some other reason in the code you insert. As this is not the point of this issue I will close this ticket. If you need help with actual code, open a forum topic in Advanced modding section.