Not Enough Default minecraft models

Won't fix
Issue description

Hey McCreator! Just recently I started to make a mod for a rp on my youtube channel. Everything was going perfectly until I wanted to add in a normal Minecraft cat model for a mob I wanted to create. I looked through and well no cat models. So, like a normal person, I looked around and found nothing apart from "download a software". I know NOTHING about 3d modeling and others, like me, have the same problems with there just not being enough models. Hopefully you address this serious issue that there's just not enough default Minecraft models. Thanks.

Issue comments

All models that are compatible with any mob base are available. Other models only work with original Minecraft entities and this can not be changed.

You need to create a custom model for this.

Definitely a low priority tweak, but once all the major things are in, it might make some sense to create custom versions of the other default minecraft mob models to package with the base program.

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