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Issue description

Hello, I had a very strange issue I could not figure out why it did crash. I wanted to make a soundboard for better communication in game. If its important, what I did to get the sound file was uploading a file from a website and calling it Hey.ogg. Then I changed it to open another program to sound media. Next I changed it to an .ogg since it was originally a .wav file. Lastly I uploaded it to MCreator sound section. I had probably 6 sounds in a GUI that was labeled Soundboard. When I click any of them, they started to crash minecraft. I had no idea what was going on but it said CodecJ0rbis for some reason but sadly I could not copy and paste the error logs.

Issue comments

Without error log, I can not help.

I suspect you just changed the extension from wav to ogg. This is not correct. You need to convert wav sound to ogg format using a converter.

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