UI too small for 4k monitor

Works as designed
Issue description

Hello, I just installed the 1.7.8 64bit program on Windows 10. I don't see an option to maximize the window, but I have a feeling the scale might remain unchanged. Sadly the text is too small for me to read to properly use this neat program and would like to get started with it. What do I need to do?

Issue comments

Check: https://mcreator.net/install/windows

High DPI screens

If you have problems with High DPI screens, you can override high DPI scaling behavior and set it to System option. To do so, right-click on MCreator.exe, open Compatibility tab and select options highlighted in the red square.


Thank you! Klemen! You're a lifesaver. The UI is now a "Usable" Interface!

Note - I had an additional small step of clicking a [Change high DPI settings] button, before I found the Override checkbox. (Windows 10 Pro (1903)) ... I'm just mentioning that in case in helps someone reading this in the future.

Thanks again!