Add new Mod Element to create quicksand

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Issue description

add a new custom mod element - a whole new modding element tab just to create something between a solid and liquid called Quicksand

it should have several options and menu's and stuff such as

- texture or moving texture selection menu's

- checkbox to determine to make it like a block or like a liquid

- a has gravity checkbox

- a option should be available to choose a screen overlay texture players will see if they go under it

- if liquid is chosen, should look and flow in similar way to other liquids

- option for default player / mob sinking speed

- option for speed at it will pull mob / player in if they struggle

- option to set if player or mob will sink half way and float (not go under it)

- option to set how hard it is to escape from

- option to set mud / quicksand liquid thickness (if it's like bubbling mud or thick clay)

- checkbox to set if the surface is hard and dry and can be walked on and broken by jumping on it

- option to set how much of a chance it has if hard surface checkbox is checked for surface to randomly break if walked on


Biome and Generation control options

- options of what biomes it generates in

- if it generates in lakes, pools, ponds, rivers, even oceans (oceans to create something like those big quicksand beaches you hear about in the UK) etc.

- amount of generation it does in selected biomes or globally

- if it generates underground in pools etc.

options to make the surface of quicksand bubble should be implemented too like

- if it produces bubbles by itself and at what speed and amount

- if it bubbles if a player / mob is sinking in it and at what amount and speed when so

if anyone has any other suggestions for this one, please say what they are in a reply below

Issue comments

Nice suggestion, but this would be a too specific mod element. If we want to keep the interface clean and easy to use, it must be specific yet universal. We will consider the ideas of the fluid improvements you proposed and try to merge as many of these ideas in the fluid mod element.