Suggestion: Button for Shapeless Crafting in item/block crafting

Published by Hidan on Wed, 04/04/2018 - 19:31
Won't fix
Issue description

Its so painful to make shapeless crafting for item in fact it is possible to do it by using custom crafting but its taking too much space, code and time for building this 
I searched and have managed to bypass this with editing the source code of my item "Not Crafting Recipe Mod"
Here is the code for that:

import net.minecraft.item.crafting.Ingredient;

GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ResourceLocation("testenvironmentmod:Q"), new ResourceLocation("custom"), new ItemStack(block, X),                
Ingredient.fromStacks(new ItemStack(mcreator_Z.block, Y))); 

Q: Code of current item/block and always small letters! for Example: glasschest  
X: Amount of item/block that we will get
Z: Name of Item/Block that will be used for crafting
Y: Amount of Z that we want to use in crafting

This can be used for crafting IDK Coal Nugget from 1 coal without creating new Recipe Mod
Coders of MCreator have only to add tick box in item/block tab where its time to create recipe for it 
this tick box shout replace the original crafting code and add this import to the import list "does no matter where in imports"
Hope this idea will be implemented :)


Issue comments

In MCreator 2 forum thread, there was a discussion and we decided to drop the support of the recipe creation in the mod elements itself. If a user wants to create a block, he creates a block.

A recipe for this block should be a separate mod element for the sake of better mod organization and also for the sake of performance as the recipe creator does not need to be loaded for each mod element.

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