Ability to choose type of block for blocks with more than 1 kind (sub block)

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Issue description

we need the ability to choose the type of block for blocks with more than 1 kind (sub block)

examples of blocks like this

- sand and Red sand (current MCreator only lets you choose yellow sand)

- all of the variations of logs

- all of the variations of wool, and carpet

- all variations of stained hardened clay and terracotta


you get the general idea, we need the ability to choose from the sub types of each block with more than 1 type

Issue comments

This would be hard to implement and also create a less intuitive interface. 

Please stop opening so many issues or they will be deleted, as we can't follow so many of them and still keep things organized. If you have so many new suggestions, open a forum topic and we will move the most requested features in the tracker.

@klemen - please reopen this

i am trying to create a custom badlands biome with red sand as the surface block and it won't let me and only lets me choose yellow sand, even in code...

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