In 2.0 Add Menu to create items like stairs etc.

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Issue description

In 2.0 we need a Menu to create custom versions of any of these items in the list below with complex models, pretty much all the items with unique models are on this list

this menu should be able to create custom

- torch like items or torches (items that use the torch model)

- rails

- custom chests

- stairs

- half slabs

- trap doors and doors

- wood fences

- stone fences

- gates

- banners

- iron bars

- glass panes

- carpet and snow layer like blocks

- pressure plates

- buttons

- levers

- cactus

- mob heads

- end rod

- pistons

- flower pots

- tripwire and tripwire hook

- cocoa plant

- caultron

- brewing stand

- lilly pad

- repeaters and comparators (we could make some items that would be logic gates with these models)

- cake block

- sign

- redstone wire itself

- bed


Issue comments

These requests are too specific. Most of these can be achieved using custom models and events.