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Published by Hidan on Wed, 04/11/2018 - 22:23
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Soo I have discovered some bugs in Code and application 
I will provide conditions for this bugs that I know how to make and hope that it will help with MCreator development :)

1. Texture tab in workspace UI sometimes cuts the list of textures only restart helps "I will provide Picture of this situation"
2. Custom Variables can not be deleted " You can make variable and than delete it and it will be removed but it will come back when opening variable tab again"
3. Custom Gui item input / output shows error {Illegal Start of Expression} when adding event .setBlockInContainer "Or something like that"
4. When editing any recipe in code editor and leaving whole row empty will crash minecraft instantly also happens when recipe is edited like this "12 ", "  6", "  9"
5. Making block with custom model will create two files: customname.json and customname_custom.json where custom holds model info and first one holds 1 texture
6. Making custom structure spawned by event will cause to spawn this structure with Different blocks than it should "That might be MCEdit bug"
7. Max Harvest level for Tool is 5 "if you try to type higher value it will go back to 1" but the Harvesting level for block works fine 
8. Sometimes when creating mob without AI and than adding it will cause previously spawned mobs to be brain dead "Same mob off course " 
9. Filling tool in Texture Editor Not working
10. Sometimes after making animated texture in animation tool MCreator gets stuck and is unable to load other tools and new mod element setups

Here is the bug in the Texture tab

Texture Bugs

Soo that's all I have Found Hope this will be helpful
also I can provide more information about any bug If I was not clear enough or didn't provided enough information's :)


Issue comments

Please read the issue opening rules.

Make sure to post only one feature request or bug report in each ticket, so each separate item can be tracked by our issue tracking system. Issues with multiple requests will be removed. 

We can't track the progress and close each of these reports separately. Some of the bugs you reported will be fixed in 1.7.9 and there were issues for them (2,3). Some work as designed (4,5).

Some of them are new bugs (1,7), you can open separate tickets for them, but only one per day as this is our current limit. We will do our best to fix them after you open them.

Other issues I did not list were either fixed in 1.7.9 or are duplicates.


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