Shift-right-click on block checkbox (Feature request)

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Issue description

If you want to make a block that when right-clicked does something, when you try to build on it, you need to shift-right-click like chests, dispensers, droppers and furnaces. But if you want to make a block like grass that does something only when right-clicked with a specific item (hoe or shovel), you can't build on it without pressing shift too.

I know that it works as designed, but my idea is to make a checkbox for deciding if you can build on it with or without shift.

It's weird that in my water dimension you can't build without shift only because if you click the water stone with a specific item it turns into waterpath.

Sorry for bad English

Issue comments

We can't detect if the shift is pressed when it is right clicked so right now, we can't implement this feature, although it would be neat.

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