Localization en_us

Published by Point_Less on Sat, 04/21/2018 - 22:38
Won't fix
Issue description

Perhaps, on 1.7.9, could you make it so that we can edit the localisation of en_us. I can do it for any other one, but it won't let me edit from the localisation tab and I have to edit it through the mod. By mod, I mean the block/item/entity that I created. Though, I do not like how the armor names are, for example the chestplate, being called, 'Body' instead of 'Chestplate'. I cannot change it from there and from the mod as it doesn't let me change the suffix, which is dissapointing. Please actually add the feature to be able to edit it from the localisation tab in the next update: 1.7.9

Issue comments

Definitions of en_us names are made in mod editors. Even if we allowed to edit them, they would get overwritten by MCreator's generator system. We will instead add an option to enter custom armor names in a future update.