Mobs do not Burn in Daylight

Published by Lockyz on Sat, 05/05/2018 - 07:14
Works as designed
Issue description

When I make a mob and set the highest Priority to Restrict Sun it doesn't Burn in Daylight nor does it try to stay out of the sun.

Issue comments

Setting it to restrict sun does what it says... the mob will restrict the sun. To make mob burn on the sun, you might need to use events, but there is no sure to do this right now. One option would be mob tick update and place fire at the location of mob if there is sun above the mob.

This page hasn't been updated for a while. In new versions, this AI tasks only what it says. Mob restricts the sun. We will update the wiki page asap.

If you know anyone who is ready to update the wiki, we accept new contributors too.

Is no one interested in keeping the wiki updated? As of 7 MONTHS later, it's still horribly out of date.

Restrict the sun Will burn in daylight, will only spawn at night. - still says this quite awhile after this post

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