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Issue description

I've been working lately on a new mod I want to release, and MCreator is amazing in all its extent. Needs a few tweeks but it is still very nice, however, I want to make an item out of another item. The added one item that I already created which was fine, not a hitch. I went to add the second item and notice I can't give it a crafting recipe. Why can't I add a crafting recipe to an item? Thank you. 

Issue comments

You should be able to add items to recipes. If I understood you correctly, you could do this for one item, but not for another?

Try reopening MCreator to see if it was just a caching issue. If not, please attach the workspace here and please give me the name of the item you can't add to the recipe.

Oh okay so I had to literally go in and make a separate recipe to make one item craftable into another. That was oddly complex. I am used to being able to create something such as a tool, and be able to give it a recipe if it has one within the details of that item. I didn't know I had to create an entirely separate part for the recipe. Thank you!