Localization browser should use .lang files

Published by Yanis48 on Thu, 05/10/2018 - 13:57
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Issue description

Before the 1.7.8 update and the localization browser, we had the possibility to edit and add .lang files in the repertory where MCreator is stored, and so use the same type of file as the game itself.

Now, with the localization browser, we can't edit or add strings.

So, I think the localization browser should just use .lang files, and so we could add our own strings in the file out of MCreator.

Issue comments

Thank you for your feature request.

You can edit lang files in new editor for non-English languages.

For English, you edit messages from the element editor. We will add support for custom names for all elements and we have an ongoing ticket for this.

There is no support for adding custom keys yet, but we will implement this feature in the near future.

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