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Published by FrogLP on Sat, 05/12/2018 - 18:50
Works as designed
Issue description

I am using MCreator for a while now and I really enjoy it! BUT...



I have a problem with the program…

The Problem is, I wanted to create a Dimension... everything worked, but I can't create a recipe for the Portal Igniter!

But without the Igniter there is no way how to get into the dimension (only if you do /give PLAYERNAME testenvironmentmod:DIMENSION:trigger)!

Fix it, please!





Can you add a option for monsters to spawn in this dimension?


Issue comments

Create a new recipe and define the recipe for the igniter there. Select the igniter as the recipe result.

There is a similar ticket for your request too. In the future, split these requests and bugs in separate tickets.

Calm down or I will remove this issue. You need to create a new recipe mod element and add igniter as a resulting item. Dimension portal igniter is added to the list of items and can be selected as crafting result.

There have been multiple issues on this topic and many forum topics, so you should have plenty of resources to work from.

Deleted the pics. If you didn't see them, I did a Iniginter and named it "Toast and Steel". I made a Recipe and searched in the Mod for "Toast and Steel" and for "Inginter" but I didn't find anything... Can you send me a Youtube Tutorial link or make one on your pylo yt account?


Oddly enough, it works for me - I think it was fixed in MCreator 1.8.0, and given that the last reply is 2 months old, maybe it works for you too.

Ive figured it out, for the output item there should be an item with the picture of the portal, it isn't the igniters image.

Hello guys.. As Goodclover said..

I had the same issue still in 18.12. 2018..

But read everything inside this thread and tryed for like 5 minutes inside my workspace and it works for me fine! :-)

You create your dimension.. In portal igniter texture you add how you´d like to your igniter look

Then you customise your dimension... and save. after that you create new recipe and it works for both.. crafting or smelting..

Just add into your result square icon of your dimension. And done.. when you craft it inside of your world.. it crafts the igniter with the texture you added into portal igniter texture.

Bye :3 :-)

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