Procedures should be on the tools tab rather than with the mod elements

Published by FlashFyre on Tue, 05/15/2018 - 07:12
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Issue description

The title pretty much explains this, I just think it would be so much more helpful.

One thing I already hate about procedures is you have to create a procedure separately first before doing the mod element (e.g block, item etc)

It would be much better if it was in the tools tab because A) I think it makes more sense and B) You could then make a procedure while making an element


If you think this is stupid/unnecessary please explain to me why, as I fail to see a flaw.

Issue comments

Procedures are a mod element and will stay so. This allows them to be used multiple times and is in terms of object-oriented visual programming considered the best approach. This is the best practice among all similar tools and even most popular programming languages.

Regarding the second request for making procedure while making another mod element, this will be possible in 2.x.x as we will allow parallel mod element creation and editing with tabs.

For now, you simply need to edit the mod element to bind procedure to it like you would have to edit a source code of a block and call the procedure if you would be writing code manually.

I guess but that still doesn't make it similar to coding. Just make it so you can create a procedure from the event box, and then open a new window. The new procedures are great, but very few people use them more than once which kind of defeats the purpose of them being separate, and having coded a mod myself I would just do a "procedure" in the same class. Alternatively, PLEASE make it so you can organize the elements list.... it will get so jumbled up even with just 10 items and 8 of them have procedures, so maybe add folders or something, or even user customizable folders.

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