Help me for my dimension please !!!

Published by Rex95B on Fri, 05/18/2018 - 16:36
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Hi, i'm making a mod which ad another dimension to minecraft. But for join this dimension i create a specific system with an helmet. When you use the helmet you travel to the dimension. But i have a problem : when i use the helmet, my game crash. If i back in my game after the crash i'm in my dimension. So the helmet work but it's not very useful if my game crash all the time i use it. Other interesting thing: when i'm teleported into this dimension a nether portal appeared behind me. Please help me to resolve this problem !

This is the procedure i use for "helmet tick event"

Event trigger - triggered by external call

or when: No additional trigger

Clear inventory of provided entity.

Swith dimension for provided entity to ID 3


Other problem: there is no light in my dimension, and no sun but i don't tick "dark dimension".

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