Block Drops do not contain metadata

Published by KreatorB on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 03:29
Works as designed
Issue description

I have created a Charcoal block to add to my mod pack and have made the recipes to create it out of 9 charcoal. I also it possible to undo the block via the crafting table.

However I set it up that when you break the block it should drop 6 charcoal. And all it does is drop coal.


So to make sure this was a bug I checked a similar thing which a a mossy stone wall it uses the same coding example COAL or COAL#1 and Cobblestone_wall#1

But both of these will revert and drop only the COAL or WALL...

I am sorry to say the MCreator has a bug when it comes to these types of drops via blocks

Thank you

Issue comments

Right now, block drop metadata is ignored. We might implement support for metadata in the future updates.

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