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Published by quethed on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 06:30
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1: add:

else if () {


as a procedure block

2: in "new element" merge dimension igniter, food, tool, armor, and ranged item (possibly other things that I missed) together into "item". that way you can make something interesting...

3: in "new element" merge fluid, plant, dimension portal (somehow...) (and possibly other things that I missed) into "block". that way you can make something interesting...

4: use data values to merge multiple blocks into one id.

5: rotatable blocks (multiple styles, like facing north, south, east, west or north, south, east, west, up, down, and so on)

6: procedure can scan if the block is transparent

7: radius of effect procedure block (both in placing, scanning, and converting)

8: post command without spamming chat or using gamerule

9: loot table idea... again...

10: option to duplicate mod element. would make variants easier

11: website allows infinite downloads

12: website allows infinite images

13: config file support

14: (sounds hard) structure uses ruins mod template instead of scematic file (so it would spawn smoother)

15: guide book support (looks similar to thaumcraft style)

Issue comments

Check the issue posting guidelines:

Make sure to post only one feature request or bug report in each ticket, so each separate item can be tracked by our issue tracking system. Issues with multiple requests will be removed. The tracker is not a place for large lists of feature requests. Such lists belong to Feature requests and ideas for MCreator forum section and we will pick most requested features from there. 

Many of these requests are also very undefined such as 13: what kind of config files?... 1. is possible by pressing gear icon in the if block.

I posted many ideas, and as such I did not focus too heavily on explaining any... someday I do need to explain...

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