Server fails on startup with new mod

Published by smmmadden on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 12:25
Issue description

I've been working on a couple mods and one of them work fine testing on a private test world/server and on my servers.  The second mod, works fine running on a test startup client, but when starting the server in MCreator or another Server where I have running other mods, they both crash due to an EntityPlayerSP Exception.

I haven't made any changes to Forge or Minecraft code, just this mods.  I'm not sure what is causing this or how to resolve.  Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can provide the project files if that helps via PM.  Crash report also attached.

Thanks -Steve

Issue comments

There are many issues with server-side mods.

We are collecting all the information regarding this in this issue: Please add the information about this error in the ticket I linked to as we try to limit the number of tickets related to the same bug so we can organize and fix bugs faster.


posted on the suggested thread.  Can you point me to where I can find how to upgrade Forge to 2705 from 2611 so I'm not working on an old build of Forge and on 1.12.2 in MCreator?  Thanks!

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