Cant Load MC With My New Mod, And My Old Mod Doesn't Load In MCreator.

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Okay This Is 2 Issue's/Bugs In One.

1. Minecraft Has Been Overwriting files when I put my mod on.

Image Here


2. I made a Mod 2 years ago... And My Laptop Broke, I Installed MCreator again, and I cant use it... But, I found the textures for it.

File Folder Of My Un-Editable Mod I Found!

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Issue comments

1: You have two mods with the same name. Check which two mods cause this.

2: You can't use the installation from an old computer on a new one. The best way to recover a workspace would be to reinstall the same version of MCreator as you used on the old computer on the new one, copy the forge and user folder from the old computer and replace the folders in the new installation with these from the old computer.