Events not working!

Published by KreatorB on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 00:39
Works as designed
Issue description

I made what I call a s CrateChest.  would like the create an event when a player clicks on it, it will open and provide slots like that of a chest.

So I created the block and checked of invenetory

I created the GUI and linked it to the CrateChest

Went back to the Block in the Events area to make the right click open and well I can not use any of the events!!!

Any Ideas when this bug will be fixed???





Issue comments

What do you mean by "I can not use any of the events"? If you don't see your procedures on the procedure list, it means that dependencies are not matched.

okay, in previous versions on MCreator you had a drop down of events built in but no more! How does one get those events now to be matched?