McSkin3D mob textures are REALLY glitchy

Published by CR1MS4NE on Tue, 06/19/2018 - 13:34
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Issue description

I'm making a mod with elemental stuff, and I used McSkin3D to make a mob texture. It was a humanoid (bi-ped) and it was player-sized. It looked fine in McSkin3D, but when I loaded the texture to MCreator and tested it in the Minecraft test client, it was super glitched, and the textures were all over the place (all over the mob, that is), stretched, squished, and misplaced. Can I have some help?

Also, is there a way to make particles not move so fast when they come from mobs? I have this mob using flame particles, and they shoot all over the place annoyingly fast.

Issue comments

You might have used the wrong template in MCSkin3D. Even if this is not the case, MCSkin3D was not developed by Pylo and therefore we can not provide any support for it.

You might want to find another template for the biped model and manually draw the texture in the image editor such as Gimp 2.

We plan to create our own tool for texturing mods in the future, most likely in 2.x.x branch of MCreator.

Can you label ALL the parts of the template? I don't know whether the one on the left or the right is the leg or the arm. Also, when I use particles from the mob, the source is offset by almost a full block.  ALSO, the mob won't attack me, even in survival. I have attacking the target as top priority in its behavior script.

Sorry for putting all that in one comment, but these are all very important problems that are all occurring simultaneously and I don't feel like waiting a day to post a ticket about each one. Sorry. :/

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