Add the ability to create a custom door!

Published by dpp_only on Fri, 06/22/2018 - 11:40
Won't fix
Issue description

Add the ability to create a custom door!

Issue comments

You can achieve door like functionality with two blocks for open and closed doors and use procedures to switch between these two states.

No, Like actually add a door function. Where it places in another direction when combined with another one, Works with Malisis Doors Opening and Closing Animations, And stuff like that. I know MCreator two is just coming and you say you'll pay even more attention to these tickets when you finish everything that's already planned so maybe this you can add to that list? Please...

You can do this already. You can make two door types and it will properly "animate" and change position. The issue at the moment would be proper facing based on the orientation of doors, but we are planning to add support for direction and face checking in the future updates too.

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