Custom Blocks Not Dropping Items

Published by CR1MS4NE on Fri, 06/22/2018 - 18:27
Works as designed
Issue description

When I make a custom block and test it, whenever I destroy the block, it drops nothing. When I have it set to drop itself, it drops nothing. When I have it set to drop something else, still nothing drops. I have all the hardness, resistance, and harvest level to break pretty low, and even mining it with a diamond pickaxe drops nothing.

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Issue comments

I have created a block and only assigned a texture to it. I have opened Minecraft and was able to destroy the block and get the drop. Could you please attach the workspace file to the ticket so I can investigate your complete setup and test it myself? Thanks!

This is free support so I help when I can, please be patient.

I have checked and you have set the material to rock. Check this page:

Rock (stone) material needs a tool to be harvested, and you have set the material to rock. In order to make it harvestable, you need to set the harvest level to lower level.

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