GUI & Chest Crashes

Published by KreatorB on Sun, 06/24/2018 - 15:49
Issue description

I have created a Chest and used the GUI to access it.

However, no matter how many slots I place the last slot in the chest when item is placed cause a crash.

After the crash I can no longer access the chests, it is as if they become broken.

In order to re-access the chest I need to delete the block it self and restart the program.

Was wondering if you have any work arounds?


Issue comments

I locked all the crate files like GUI, Procedure and Crate its self and no crash when placing items, But shift clicking items to fast transfer caused crashes.

Is there a way to turn off the SHIFT for fast transfer for this item only?


Just as a NOTe, I was in creative and I filled my inventory with crates and then placed in the hotbar 9 different blocks. I then Transfered the content of my hotbar(hud) and the crate via the FAST transfer. it worked I then went to a second crate and transfered on crate into a free spot via a fast transfer and it crashed. it did not show me a cradle report it only gave me the crash image I shared and then I went into the console and gave you details


Please post the error log in the ticket itself, not in the comment, and use the syntax highlighter with proper line endings as I was not able to read through the error log you provided.

You can also attach the workspace and tell me how to reproduce this error, and I will try to help you out with this bug.


Thanks, right now with the locked files all runs fine. I will test it and post the files for you when it happens. ;-)

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