How do I allocate more RAM for Mcreator 1.7.9 on Linux 32-bit?

Works as designed
Issue description

I took a look at this forum before I posted this. I did everything it said to do, but it still says that there isn't enough RAM allocated. I followed the directions everyone posted, didn't even change a thing. Can someone help me please??

Oh, and can someone also tell me how to get to the error log to copy-paste it here?





P.s. I classified this issue as a "bug report", but it may not necessarily be a bug.

Issue comments

Have you checked this ticket?

If this did not solve the issue, unfortunately, MCreator can't work on your system. On some 32-bit systems, MCreator simply can not reserve enough ram, and the requirement for more RAM increases with each update of Minecraft as the codebase grows.

A lot of software is dropping 32-bit support as 4GB of ram limit is just not enough nowadays.

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