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Published by CR1MS4NE on Sat, 07/07/2018 - 23:01
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Hi! I have a lot of ideas that maybe you devs could add to 1.8.0 before releasing it:

  • Ability to set items to be fishing result (similar to 'can be dropped as grass seed', but you can get it by fishing)
  • Option to make mobs tamable.
  • Setting integrity of structures (similar to a Load Structure Block)
  • Ability to change the "material" of blocks--not the kind of material that exists already, but options to affect player movement, like cobwebs.
  • Ability to use procedures for liquids (I was thinking about making nitroglycerin [I'm a pyrophiliac], which would explode when ignited. You'd need procedures for that)
  • Making structures only spawn in specific biomes
  • Option to make blocks flammable (I love The Crystallia, but none of the trees in this mod are flammable, and that doesn't really make sense)
  • Option to make food act as a potion (so I don't have to wait to be hungry before using it)
  • Making block-model entities (like primed TNT)
  • Non-mob entities (I guess this could be an extension of above request, but I'm thinking minecarts, armor stands, and item frames)

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!

Issue comments

Rules in our tacker allow single request per ticket so every single addition or request can be tracked, so I am closing this ticket for this reason. Such request lists belong on forums and should be moved one by one to the tracker if there are enough people willing this. We will still consider your requests for future updates.

PS: To make block flammable, you need to select a proper material.

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