I can't publish my mod???

Issue description

I worked very much on VolcanicMiner [SINGLE]: I was waiting 2 months for Internet, then I spent lots of time thinking about what to make, I worked on textures and finally made the mod and then you just delete that? I was going to make people happy with good content. Do you respect anybody? I know the rules and I did everything according to the them so I want to see it published. Thanks for your attention!

Issue comments

I discovered the my error! I clicked only F3, so it worked for the computer, and to make it work for Minecraft I need to press Fn+F3! Thanks for your help, I will fix this now!

Got it! I switched the image for a new one! Now it will be published? Also I have another question, if I put a image with a hotbar but not as a main image my mod won't be published too?

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