MCreator doesn't recognise modded blocks in schematics

Published by Delofon on Sat, 07/14/2018 - 14:03
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Issue description

I'm currently having a mod in development, and i built a little structure for it with a modded blocks. I exported it with MCEdit 2.0.0-beta12 into .schematic file, imported it into MCreator, found it and it was all made of Gold Ore and Oak Leaves blocks. This is not the problem with MCEdit - i imported the same .schematic file in the world and everything was fine. I also attached a few screenshots with that structure - the original, the copy, and the generated structure.

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The Original224.09 KB 224.09 KB
The Copy305.39 KB 305.39 KB
Generated structure by MCreator206.37 KB 206.37 KB

Issue comments

A similar bug was described here:

It is known that custom blocks in schematics don't work directly with MCreator. We will improve this in future updates. I will keep this ticket open as it is not totally the same bug as in the ticket linked above.