Bullet items

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Issue description

When you make a new ranged weapon, you can choose a bullet for it, only one bullet.

If you want to make a ranged weapon with multiple bullets or a new arrow for vanilla bow you can't.


My suggestion is that there is an option for items "is item a bullet" that, if enabled, will unlock a few options for that item:

Damage of the bullet

Texture/3d model of shot bullet

New procedure triggers for that bullet item:

When bullet hits block, when bullet hits entity, etc.

And an option for choosing if the bullet is compatible with vanilla bow.


You can choose multiple bullets per gun. You can still choose non-bullet items, and they'll use the texture/3d model chosen in the ranged item editor. If you choose a bullet item, it will instead use its own texture and 3d model. The procedure triggered by the ranged item and the bullet will merge.

If you choose a bullet item for a ranged mob, it will use its texture/custom 3d model.

Bullet items can also be fired by dispensers.


I know that this suggestion is quite big and won't be added soon, but I hope that you will consider it.

Issue comments

Unfortunately, bullets need to be defined when creating a gun and not when creating the item in code too. The problem is similar as with the dimension portal igniters. The best I could do with current gun implementation would be an option to define multiple items in the bullet item list in the gun creation menu.

You could add a buton that add a bullet, so we will be able to put infinity of bullet in the gun. Also please add a event starter of when the bullet hit something, because now I Have only player and grownd, not mob, also the when bullet hit player count for the player that choot with the gun.

Excuse me, I want to make an Item that Shoots Itself… Could you add a button or an option that allows the item to shoot itself? Thank you very much.