How to change Forge Build to more recent build #?

Published by smmmadden on Thu, 07/19/2018 - 18:52
Issue description

Can you point me to where I can find how to upgrade Forge to 2726 from 2611 so I'm not working on an old build of Forge and on 1.12.2 in MCreator?

With the release of the Java version of Minecraft 1.13 yesterday, when do you plan to publish a build of MCreator for 1.13 and what version would it be?

I'm eager to continue development work, but having some idea of a target release schedule/roadmap would go a long way of keeping current. :-) Thanks, Steve

FWIW: I've checked the page, but haven't seen anything change on it so not sure where we are.

Issue comments

You generally can't change the Forge build in MCreator. MCreator 1.8.0 will support the latest recommended build.

MCreator will start porting to 1.13 as soon as Minecraft Forge gets updated, MCreator 1.8.0 will still be 1.12.2. Keep in mind that there were many changes in 1.13 so it could take a while to get updated.

As there are many variables, we can't and won't provide any schedules with particular dates as this is a common practice even for Minecraft itself.

Nevertheless, MCreator 1.8.0 is close and we plan to finish the first stage of MCreator 2 roadmap with MCreator 1.8.0.

As soon as we have a clear look for the date of next update, we post an update progress bar on the website, so stay tuned for the progress bar of 1.8.0 as it should be there soon.

Excellent!  Thank you very much for this detail, it was exactly what I was looking for.  Have a great weekend ahead.