Can`t Open Mcreator, Stuck on loading workspace

Published by NeeZ on Fri, 07/27/2018 - 14:50
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Hi When I Open Mcreator That Opened But TheLauncher Stop when He Loading 

Vedio to more details:

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Issue comments

Please go to the user folder of MCreator's installation and upload the file workspace.mcreator to this ticket. Sometimes workspace can get corrupt. I can try to manually fix it for you if you send the workspace.

This bug will be fixed in 1.8.0.

Please attach the workspace to the ticket and not use uploading services. I have removed the links you provided as they linked to malicious websites. Your account can get banned for doing so. Click Edit on this ticket and attach the file here. Thanks!

hey kelmen i do what are you say but iwill save but the page are disconect 

but the link are not hacked or anything like that its just eazy way to upload

but iwill try to attach 

We have a professional antivirus and I had reports of malicious content, which is definitely a violation of the rules on our website.

You can upload files on our website on the Edit ticket page. Please upload workspace.mcreator on the ticket. Thanks!

Just If I Can Upload Iwill Upload in 5seconds but icant upload 

see this:

And Pls I Have Another Proplem im tested to remove my work space from mcreator (dont worry im not deleted it)

and when i test export new mod they say error and no mod genrated

Sorry but it seems that your workspace is not recoverable. I hope you did not have many elements in it.

If you use 1.9.0, go to <workspace folder>/.mcreator. In this folder there is backups folder. In this folder there are workspace file backups. Take one of them you think that is not broken and replace <modid>.mcreator file with one of the backups renamed to the original name.

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