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when you create a mobs AI could you maybe add an option to create a new mob base so giving it the abilities of an ender man or creeper .or just assigning a blank base that affects nothing so a certain group of mobs to attack another for example you created many hostile mobs and want them to all attack all the peaceful mobs all you would have to do is assign them.Then all you would have to do to is make the peaceful mobs blank custom model base 1 and hostile mobs blank custom model base 2 instead of assigning each individual mob to attack one another.

Issue comments

Thank you for your feature idea.

In my opinion, though, this would just make additional mess with mod creation wizard. The current way is more specific and clear to use, and it is not that hard to copy and paste AI tasks block as many times as you need for it to attach all desired mods.

Right now, we won't implement such a feature, but we might change our minds in the future.

could you maybe just add a way to group our mobs as groups like a new species you make you can put them all in one group so that you can tell another mob to just attack all the mobs in that group