More Features HelpFul To MCreator 2.x.x

Published by NeeZ on Wed, 08/08/2018 - 14:25
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This Is Some HelpFul Features to mcreator 2.x.x That Would You Like

-Add Language System

-Add [ Custom Armour Design]in Tools [ not a iron or leather ] and you can name it [ SpecialArmour]

-Add Create A Slab Or Door In Elements

-More details for the design Like indoor and outdoor design[ That Like TheMods Models When Start Mcreator

-Add Levels in the mcreator Accounts and every some levels got more workspace for more mods and more 

-Add Element Adds MineCraft Options [Like Optifine Options]

-Create Custom Voice For Who Is Not Have Sounds Or Voices For His Animals or mobs or any [Pleas Add MCreator Voices To More Special]

And I Hope The Ideas Have Your Like and Thanks



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Feature lists are not allowed in the issue tracker. Read the rules before posting. Such lists belong to forums. Also, keep in mind that most of these requests are already planned or won't be added based on arguments already talked on forums.

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