Multi-Tools and 'Special' Tools!

Published by zxin on Mon, 08/13/2018 - 00:13
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Issue description

Multitools and Special tools seem to need a bit of love...

-Mining any block with a multitool or special tool doesn't seem to decrease its durability?

-There is no way to define what types of tools a multitool mimics. Like, a pick+axe or a shovel+pick. Thus I usually use special tools instead, but;

-The Special tools' block selector is a bit archaic. There's no way to remove individual blocks (you can only remove all of them), and a way to "Add all blocks" and then remove the ones that I don't want would be much easier for me than the inverse.

Issue comments

Update: I also found that special tools will not harvest the blocks you break with them when they require a harvest level. (stone, etc.)

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