Fishing chance for items

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Issue description

Can we have the ability to let items be obtained from fishing? Being able to get stuff from grass is nice, but what if someone wants to get stuff from the ocean?

Like me?

And no, MCreator is still not working on Mac for me. I'm having to use a Windows laptop (belonging to my mom) that just happens to be very glitchy.

Issue comments

Right now, it seems that the implementation in Minecraft Forge does not support this. If it will be possible to code this in the future, we will implement this.

Regarding Mac issues, open a ticket and I will try to help you, but if it is related to Java versions, there are numerous tickets with help on this topic so read them before opening a new one. If the issue is with crashing on Mac on block selector in the procedure maker, wait for 1.8.0 where this will be fixed.

I'm not blaming anything on you guys, and I know it seems like I'm being impatient (I kind of am), but I did open a ticket for that problem. I also looked up what might be causing this problem to happen, but as I really know nothing about Gradle, I have no idea what to do with anything I find (there also doesn't seem to be anything specifically about MCreator [is no one else having the problem I am?]). At this point, I'm just hoping that whatever the problem was will just magically be fixed in 1.8.0. In the meantime, could I just have a little more help on that ticket about that problem?  I don't think it has anything to do with the Java version, because I have installed and reinstalled Java numerous times and it hasn't worked. I can get tense when I'm annoyed, so I really am sorry if it seems like I'm being a pill. I'm just kind of stuck right now.