Crafting page in item creation

Published by KawaZaa on Wed, 08/29/2018 - 09:46
Won't fix
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Why you remove the crafting page from item creation ? It was way faster to create an item !

The actual problem is, when you create an item, before 1.7.9, you don't forget to create a recipe for it ! But now, with this shitty version of Mcreator, TWO files are required to create ONE item ! It's unbelievable. Then, don't think it's better for performances to separate crafting from item creation !

With 2 files for an item, it's harder for the JVM to recompile bcuz it requires more lines of code !

For an example, in 1.7.5, the crafting code is only in the load() function:

GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(block, 1),new Object[]{"XXX", "345", "XXX", Character.valueOf('3'), mcreator_curd.block, Character.valueOf('4'),mcreator_curd.block, Character.valueOf('5'), mcreator_curd.block,});


One line of code.


But, in 1.7.9, it's almost 50 lines of codes for only one craft !

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