Change or add block to procedures

Published by Hidan on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 20:51
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Issue description

I was working a bit with GUI now and made some basics but there is one problem
Is there a possibility to change one block from procedures which is:
(Set Item in slot X) to (Add Item to slot X) for both GUI Management section and Block action
the problem with this is that as the name says its setting one and only one Item/block to this slot
and the items does not stack in this slot so you have to take item from output slot to get another item placed in this slot.

Issue comments

What if the item you are adding in the slot is something different? If you want to achieve add effect, get the current count of the items in the slot, add 1 to this number and use this as the input in the set item in slot for the item count.

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