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Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 09/16/2018 - 12:45
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Issue description

For the last few versions of a mod I created for someone called DocBlock's they have requested a option to enable and disable mobs so some packs would work with mobs and some wouldn't, so I would like to ask if we could have a config file what could be a set of vrbs read in to the mod on load what the end user can set things.

This would also make MCreator mods look a little more pro.

So we could have a event I know there not called that any,more, but event that could be added called check config file what is just a file of vrbs
so mods=true 

in the event you then do a check like getfilevrb (mob)

then we can do a check on what that is.

Just another idea
Sub requesat is unbrand the mod from stating MCreator so we can post MCreator in places that scan for MCreator mods, maybe in your generator have a few names for the mcreator part so you knoiw it's yours but it looks less like MCreator, some sites now are using php code to read the files of the jar to see if there mcreators or not.


Issue comments

Yes, there a config file support would be really useful.
At the beginning, I think about possibility to read/get variables like boolean, integer/float and text string from external files.
Like as many of non-mcreator mods does.
This would changed so many. :)

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