Portal igniter from premade item

Published by mc_Dandy on Tue, 09/25/2018 - 18:53
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Issue description

I d like to use item which I created before or vanilla item as igniter to ignite a portal. Whenever I create dimension I first create an item, and then I want tuse it as igniter, but mccreator internaly creates its own item from texture name and creative tab. I thing that is unneceserrt. It culd be to just pass item as igniter for example flint and steel with obsidian frame creates nether portal.


Sorry for my English  

Issue comments

This can't be implemented this way as igniter mechanics can't be applied to any item, but need a custom dedicated item to make it work.

You can add ignite portal code block to code of prwiowsly created mccreator items. As in right click event right? 

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