Config Block for Procedures

Published by Hidan on Sun, 10/07/2018 - 21:13
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Issue description

I was wondering if you can add Config Block for procedures

This Config block can be added to any Coordinates slot in block, or to AND / OR / XOR function and to compare blocks or simply before number or variable
here is example version of this block


  • So Description does what it says just add there block that allow to input text and it will appear in config file
  • Config File Name Will allow to pick config file where this will be stored "Note: This might be use to specify Definition of the config for example: block_spawn_at_y+: 5 instead of selecting config file¬†
  • And Customizable Var is where you place Number block or Block that will check for item/block in game or just anything you want to customize even print text block

Issue comments

Implementing a new system for config is not a wise idea. We plan to improve global variables to be stored in the future. They will be stored inside world NBT data, which is a proper way of storing any custom information.

You will be able to store "config" inside global variables once we implement this.