The Mystery of "Minecraft Forge MDK" Problem

Published by Nouyoule on Tue, 10/09/2018 - 13:35
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Issue description

Hello everyone, i just put the MCreator new update on a other PC (personal computer) who had the Derpy Mod informations. For continue my mod, i have tested the new update on my computer, and Techne models have worked well. But, when i installed MCreator on my other computer after have deleted the MCreator 1.7.9 version, i have been blocked on my first problem of when i had been blocked on my oldest computer (he is dead since a moment), but it's because it's a "Windows Vista" and he had 12 years! But here, it's the same problem, in more strange, it's: Minecraft Forge, like the title say it! But, i have Minecraft Forge on my ".minecraft" folder. Why it's the same problem? I must put it in a other folder? Say to me the folder name if it's that the problem. Thanks you!

Issue comments

I can't see what you mean by Minecraft Forge MDK problem. Could you post any screenshots or error logs? Thanks!

What?! I put the app and the app is intalled! I don't know how to this app have a problem like it! But, i know maybe why this "bug" arrived:

  • The app had maybe something filled in his memory and can't install and download the app.
  • While than i was not in my computer, the app had try to install and download his informations, and had deleted the "bug" of his memory.
  • If the app don't find the "Minecraft Forge" app, he will start to panic and stop the research.
  • Finally, after maybe serveral tests, he could find the "Minecraft Forge" app.


Sorry for bothering you just for that.


Well, I think I was wrong computer, but no matter, I will take my USB key and send the information to my main PC.

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