Detection errors I found with the system

Published by Crayeights on Fri, 10/26/2018 - 19:34
Works as designed
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Issue description

1.) ok When detecting any of the rails it only detects the defualt direction.
2.) Beds it only detects the lower hafe, pillow is not detected.
3.) Detection other directional blocks in the block at x y z Stairs dose not work in other directions.
4.) The Anvil it only detects anvile in direction cant detect it any other direction.
5.) detection for anyStainedGlass no longer Functions.
6.) Detection for Gates dose not work in all directions.
7.) Detections for all doors do not work in all directions only one.

Issue comments

I am not sure what you mean with detection, but if you mean comparing blocks, you need to use = type of comparison in order to ignore metadata and compare with all possible states.

alright thanks for clearing that up I wasnt sure of the difference between the two but know I understand ill try it.

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