MCreator Wont Install

Published by CatzRule on Sat, 11/03/2018 - 23:19
Issue description

So basically, Ive been trying to install MCreator for hours now, and always get stuck at the same pronlem. It gets stuck at installing "Minecraft MDK", and then it says a message, telling me that a gradle task was failed. I click "Ok", and it immidiatly says, "MCreator Setup Failed!", so I click "Close MCreator", reinstall it, and the open it again as admin. Once I open it, it proceeds to set up, but then at "Setting up Minecraft Forge MDK", it gets stuck again, and then it says the same gradle error again. I keep trying and trying, reinstalling and reinstalling different versions to see if any of them work, and they dont. I was really exited to start using this program, but I litterally cant. Please help, thanks.

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Issue comments

Copy the contents of the Console tab and paste them in the ticket, I can't help you without the error log.

Oh, It seems to be working now! I think it was an issue with the Forge MDK Server or something. Sorry if this was wasnt a good issue ticket, I just didnt know what was going on.

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